Cover Her Face

Cover Her Face (An Adam Dalgliesh Mystery #1) by P. D. James

So I love Murder She Wrote. I have watched it a thousand times, never growing tired of Jessica Fletcher and her quick mind.

One thing she mentioned time and time again was how great P.D. James is. Now I have read only one of her book, Death Comes to Pemberley and couldn’t stand it so I did not see what Jessica’s hullabaloo was all about.

But I thought I would try her again…

Plot Synopsis:

The mystery is set in an old country manor of Martingale, run by the Maxie family, after WWII. We have Simon Maxie, patriarch who is very ill and on hospice at home. His wife Eleanor runs the home, doing the best she can on the little they have, and managing how to do so and pay the doctor’s bills.

Deborah Maxie Riscoe’s husband died and she went back home with nothing. She and her brother Stephen are very, very close-creepily close.

Deborah, like her mother, make Martingale number one in their interests. Trying to protect their home and find a rich woman to marry Stephen and save the estate.

Stephen is doctor at the local hospital and very interested in girls. He seduces them and dumps them. The newest one he caught was Catherine Bowers, an old family friend and nurse at the hospital. She is convinced of his sincerity and that he will ask her to marry him officially, after his father dies.

Also in the house is Martha the old family cook and head servant, and Sally Jupp-unwed mother and child Jimmy. Sally was at the local home when she was brought into service at Martingale. She is a headstrong impertinent girl who doesn’t follow the rules.

Stephen has moved his vision from Catherine to Sally-enthralled by her fantastic mothering and eager to help the damsel in distress.

It all comes to a head after the Maxie’s annual picnic. All the players are there, including the head of the unwed mother’s home, Miss Liddel, and Deborah’s friend who’s deeply interested in her, Felix Hearnes.

That night at dinner Sally was more arrogant and egotistical. She informs everyone that Stephen proposed and she will be the new mistress at Martingale. When Miss Liddel tries to speak to her, Sally tells her to stay out of it unless she wants all that Sally knows to become common knowledge.

The next day Martha tries to reach Sally, but she doesn’t awaken and the door is barred. When they go to check on her they find her murdered!

Inspector Adam Dalgliesh is sent out to investigate. In a house full of tension-ridden people, which one strangled Sally?

Thoughts After Reading:

This might have been a good mystery except I couldn’t stand a single character. Each one of them was so unlikable that I could not stand this mystery. I do not want to read another one of her works.

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The Cat Who Could Read Backwards


I was trying to find a book to post on Valentine’s Day but didn’t have anything. At least not until I read this book when Qwill goes to a Valentine’s Masquerade ball. It was just in time and fit the holiday.

I thought it only fair to borrow this from my sister blog as she is all about the Cat Who Book series.




“Qwilleran pondered the complexities of the art beat.” (pg 103)

So in the first book of the amazing series we are introduced to James (Jim) Qwilleran–known as Qwill to his friends. An ex-newspaperman who has achieved many honors–Sports writer, police reporter, war correspondent during WWII, winner of the Publishers’ Trophy, and author of a book on urban crime. However, he has recently recovered from bad times, a horrible divorce and bout of alcoholism, and is trying to get back on the straight and narrow and on a newspaper.


He applies to the newspaper The Daily Fluxion and gets assigned to the art beat.


Qwill is in shock as he has no idea why he of all people would be assigned that area. He knows nothing about art and the more he tries to learn about it the more he ends up becoming confused. I myself study Art History, and understand…

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