This Business of the Clocks was Curious

I’m sure you are all wondering, why am I posting on a Sunday?

urkelgif interesting hmm

Perhaps it is some kind of Easter surprise?

Sad but true.

Well, no. I do want to wish you all a happy Easter,


but there is another reason why I chose today. Today is the one year anniversary of my blog Mysterious Eats. We’ve been through a lot and reviewed all types of mystery books and recipes. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have.

As this is my one year anniversary, the traditional gift is paper while the new one is clocks. I decided to combine the two and gift myself: are you ready?


Two Agatha Christie novels (paper). The first being one of my personal favorites: The Seven Dials Mystery


Who’s plot involves clocks. And the second book being, The Clocks. Would you like a little preview?

the clocksBooks

Clever huh?


Happy Anniversary and a very special thanks to all my readers!



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The Kitchen Detective

So I love mysteries and I love to cook, and what goes better really than reading a good book and having a good meal? Nothing!

So one of my favorite things to read are mysteries, and I’ve noticed lately that a lost of mysterious are now including recipes of the fantastic foods from the books. I’ve been copying out quite a few and was going to post them on tumblr, when I thought “why not make my own blog on it?” And thus Mysterious Eats was born.

After all:


So in this blog I will review mysterious and the recipes included in them. From time to time I may even create my own version for a treat that doesn’t have its recipe included.

I hope you enjoy this as much as me! Let’s get reading, cooking, and eating!