Cat Crimes

Cat Crimes: Masters of Mystery Present a Collection of New Cat Tales edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Ed Gorman

Thoughts Before Reading:

What goes great with mysteries? CATS! They are perfect together (and two of my favorite things in the world.)

So when I saw this, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to read it.

Thoughts After Reading:

This book was not good.

It is amazing how it failed with the amount of writers it had: Martin H. Greenberg, Peter Lovesey, Bill Pronzini, Joan Hess, Jon L. Breen, Dorothy B. Hughes, Barbara Paul, William J. Reynolds, Christopher Fahy, Bill Crider, David Everson, Douglas Borton, Les Roberts, John Lutz, Gene DeWeese, Barbara D’Amato, Barbara Collins, and J.A. Lance. You think one of them would have written an interesting mystery.

The mysteries were not even about cats!

It kind of felt like the authors took an extra story they had lying around and added a cat into it so there was a cat in the story but save for a few stories it never felt like the cat or cats were really an important part or a central figure. I did not enjoy it.

I’m so disappointed.

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