Everybody Called Her a Saint


Everybody Called Her a Saint (Everybody’s a Suspect #3) by Cecil Murphy

Twila Belk is everybody’s favorite person, called a saint for her kindness and generosity.
In fact, she has decided to take a troupe of her best friends and clients on an Alaskan cruise.
Meanwhile, since the last book Dr. Julie West has given her heart to Christ and Pastor James Burton.
However, when Pastor Burton revealed a secret from his past, she broke up with him.
Not wanting to see him at all, she finds herself stuck with him in near proximity as he too has been invited to join the cruise.

When Twila is found murdered, the two will have to put their feelings aside and help solve which of their “friends” is a killer.

Thoughts After Reading:

I did not like it.
The characters are poorly written, their interactions horrible; it just was a bad read all around.

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Everybody Wanted Room 623


Everybody Wanted Room 623 (Everybody’s a Suspect #2) by Cecil Murphy

Dr. Julie West has just arrived at the Cartledge Inn after a call by reformed prisoner Stefan Lauber. However, it turns out that Lauber has just been murdered.

According to the hotel clerk, everybody has been asking for Room 623. Why?

Throw in the mix Pastor James Burton who has come to the inn to meet the same friend. The two have strong feelings for each other, but Dr. West’s unbelief in Christ sets up a wall impeding any relationship to move forward.

What to do?

Thoughts After Reading:

I thought it was horrible.


A good premise but badly constructed book and boring. This author doesn’t seem to know how to write a good mystery. So much was told through another person instead of something that was in front of the characters.

A lot of these side characters who relayed all the information were annoying as well.

The Christianity parts were written much better than in the previous book, but this was still bad.

I figured out the bad guy as soon as they introduced him, it was painfully obvious.

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Everbody Loved Roger Harlan


Everybody Loved Roger Harlan (Everybody’s a Suspect #1) by Ceil Murphey

In the guise of Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, this group of ten dinner guests of Roger Harlan (plus his wife and stepson) find themselves stranded on an island.

When Roger Harlan is murdered they have to root out his killer.


Meanwhile, Dr. West has faced a lot of sadness and pain in her life and has turned from the Christian faith long ago. Pastor Burton takes it upon himself use this situation as a way to preach the word to her.


Thoughts After Reading:

I thought it was horrible.

A good premise but badly constructed book and boring. The characters were just so bland and predictable.

This book is also a Christian novel, but those parts are written extremely bad and feel thrown in last minute rather than a part of the story. I give it 0 out of 0 stars.

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