The Fever

The Fever by Megan Abbott

So this book’s idea came from a strange phenomenon that afflicted high school girls in Le Roy, New York. They had random tics, seizures, clicking, etc. It’s weird because I was alive at this time. In 2012 when this happened in March, I was in my sophomore year of college. But I have zero remembrance of this. I remember it being the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth (because of The Great Mouse Detective), President Obama was reelected (the first presidential vote I participated in), the Greek bailout, Vladmir Putin won office, George the turtle died, protests in Egypt, the shooting in the Dark Knight theater, and of course everyone believing the world would end-but even though this made national news, it sparked zero remembrance with me.


So Deenie Nash is a great student who lives with her single father, Tom Nash, a teacher at her high school and her brother Eli, hockey star.

Tom Nash is nice, but he doesn’t know how to parent. He feels guilty about their mother leaving them and never returning to see them, and lets them do whatever they want. He’s caught women going in and out of Eli’s room but does nothing.


Eli is a stud and works his way through all the girls throwing themselves at him. He and his father never think of Deenie ever wanting to do something like that. But of course, they can think that way-but Deenie does think about it. She gets the HPV vaccine as her two best friends do. And she gets with her coworker, Adam.


Deenie’s two best friends are Lise and Gabby, who are complete opposites in every way. Lise grew up with Deenie since they were kids. She used to be pudgy, but has lost weight, has the perfect bod that makes every guy go crazy, and has become quite the popular lady.


Gabby became friends with Deenie later in middle school. While Lise is fluff and fun, Gabby is dark and serious. Her parents were in an abusive relationship, Gabby was often stuck in the muddle and a witness to when her father slashed up her mother’s face.


Recently, something has shifted in their friendship. The girls were the three musketeers, but lately Gabby has seemed different-upset-and she hangs out with this weird witchy girl Skye.


Everything about their little town changes when one day in class Lise starts having a seizure, her tongue rolling, and clicking.


The girls are worried, and to make things worse it grows! Gabby is afflicted along with others.



What could be causing it? Could it be an STD? Could it be the vaccines? Could it be there is something in the water? Poisons? Toxins? Asbestos?



Soon the whole town is flipped upside down as they are all at a loss as to what is causing this and ready to burn anyone who cold be the reason at the stake.


They tend to become one of these.

But the real reason is closer to home than Deenie knows, but will she be able to find out before she is afflicted too?

suspicious  Hmm



Thoughts After Reading:

It was a very interesting build up although the characters never acted logical and the parents were worse. They were like Gossip Girl, Riverdale, and One Tree Hill parents all rolled into one.

Sabrina the teenage witch salem dum di dum dum dum

The end was okay. I mean it was obvious who the one causing it was, but still it was built up quite nice.



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