Evil Eclairs


Evil Eclairs (Donut Shop Mystery #4) by Jessica Beck

Lester Moorehead, the local  radio DJ is always complaining about something or somebody, and recently he has decided to take a shot at Suzanne Hart.

He has created a vendetta against donuts trying to get the shop and Suzanne shut down.

Suzanne and him get into a giant argument in which Suzanne says a few words in anger it would have been better of she had not said.

Especially when Lester is found dead, stuffed with one of Suzanne’s eclairs.

If Suzanne doesn’t figure out who the killer is, she might find herself being tried for the crime.

Thoughts After Reading:

I thought it was sooooo badly written.

I mean I’m serious about that, in fact I gave it one star.

It was a dumb premise, dumb plot, and I don’t know how these characters have kept their jobs/businesses as they are always going out solving crimes.

The person who ended up being the murderer was a stupid “twist'” and the reason Suzanne solved it made no sense at all.

Just a bad read all around.

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Sinister Sprinkles


With Christmas coming, I decided that I would review Christmas mysteries and Christmas recipes! I know I am behind, and am sorry. December has barely started, and I’m already tied up. Happens every year.

Well to kick-off this Christmas-polooza, here we go with:


Sinister Sprinkles (A Donut Shop Mystery #3) by Jessica Beck

It’s Christmas time in April Springs, North Carolina. Suzanne is getting ready for the 19th Annual Winter Carnival, an even that occurs right before Christmas.

salem sabrina the teenage witch donuts sprinkles

However, this year’s event falls flat as her ex-husband’s ex-mistress, Darlene is found dead.


What makes it even stranger, is that Darlene, a woman who inspires to be a Marilyn Monroe type girl, is found in another woman’s clothes; along with a wig to make her appear older.

Very suspicious

Now Max is suspected of the murder, and Suzanne finds her life all mixed around.



Thoughts After Reading:

I did not like this book at all.


I was very disappointed as I enjoyed the last book, Fatally Frosted


I thought the storyline was not that good, and once again the cop thinks Suzanne did it, until evidence shows she couldn’t. In every book he suspects her, but is wrong. You think he would realize his stupid mistakes and move on.


The mystery was lame and easily solvable.


And this mystery has a weird feeling to it. Almost as if it is the final episode in a series. Suzanne’s boyfriend dumps her in the most horrible and stupid way. They’ve been dating for like a year and he pops out of the blue telling her he’s not over his wife. Why didn’t he mention something earlier?

How rude

Grace, Suzanne’s best friend, gets offered a job in California, one too good to turn down;


And Suzanne starts to think that having a Donut Shop was a bad idea and she should do something different.

I never get to do anything fun.

Weird to do on the third book, especially since I know there is more books coming after. But maybe the author was thinking of stopping this series and doing something else?

suspicious Hmm

But of course in the end all is wrapped up with a shiny bow like a new present.

gift box over white background 3d illustration

Lots of customers come which convinces Suzanne she is right with having the donut shop; Grace gets a promotion but gets to stay; and Jake comes back and begs forgiveness.


For me it is the end for a while. I was extremely disappointed with it and am taking a break from the series.


I will say there is something good about this book, there were a lot of recipes I’m thinking of trying.

baking banner

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