The Funhouse

The Funhouse by Dean Koontz

So here is another book from my Dean Koontz phase.

We all had one!

So Koontz wrote the screenplay for the movie The Funhouse, but they changed it from what wrote and he really didn’t like the changes.

That’s not what I wrote!

Later he wrote a novel based on the original screenplay, his original ideas, this book.


Ellen Straker was raised in a strict Catholic home and ran away with a carnie, Conrad, to get away.

But life was worse with Conrad. He’s abusive, cruel, rude, etc. And to make things even more awful-she gave birth to a thing. A monster. A clawed, inhuman, and strange evil creature.

Ellen gets drunk  one night and works up the courage to destroy the thing. She goes to smother him, and he attacks her-cutting her hand up.

But she ultimately does the deed. Ellen takes off while Conrad pledges his revenge on her and her future children.


So years have passed and Ellen remarried and had two kids -Amy and Joey.

Like her mother, Ellen has become a fanatic-even more so than her own mother. And just like her mother, her daughter can’t stand how her mother acts and how confining she is.

Amy also is hating on her boyfriend-Jerry. Mostly she is upset because of her hormones. Yep, it turns out she is pregnant.

Jerry dumps her, telling her that it is her problem, and he’s probably not even the father. What a major jerk!

But that’s the least of her problems. The carnival is back in town and Conrad is looking for her. He’ been looking for years and ready to get his revenge to murder Ellen’s children.

He uses a gift of free tickets to Amy and Joey. The two  go with their friends to the carnival and take a trip to the funhouse..of death.

Thoughts After Reading:

So it was not a book I’d find myself reading over and over again. It wasn’t as good as his later works, but that’s to be expected as it is from his earlier writing years. I felt kinda meh-didn’t hate it and didn’t love it.


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