The Demon of River Heights

The Demon of River Heights (Nancy Drew Girl Detective Graphic Novels #1) by Stefan Petrucha

When this came out it was a new decade so that meant new updated look to Nancy Drew. In this Nancy is an absent-minded detective always forgetting things like putting gas in her car (a prius as she is very environmentally friendly) and charging her cellphone.

Bess is curvy and beautiful, and a mechanical genius.

And George is a super athlete and a tech whiz (?).

I don’t know where they were going with that…

This came out in conjunction with the Nancy Drew, Girl Detective series and focuses mostly on mysteries that happen in River Heights, ILL.

So the plot presented here is a new one, in which two art students are making a movie in River Heights based on an urban myth about a local demon.

When the students go missing, it is up to Nancy and friends to find them.

Thoughts After Reading:

I really enjoyed the graphic design and I liked the at-home mystery.

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