Evil Eclairs


Evil Eclairs (Donut Shop Mystery #4) by Jessica Beck

Lester Moorehead, the local  radio DJ is always complaining about something or somebody, and recently he has decided to take a shot at Suzanne Hart.

He has created a vendetta against donuts trying to get the shop and Suzanne shut down.

Suzanne and him get into a giant argument in which Suzanne says a few words in anger it would have been better of she had not said.

Especially when Lester is found dead, stuffed with one of Suzanne’s eclairs.

If Suzanne doesn’t figure out who the killer is, she might find herself being tried for the crime.

Thoughts After Reading:

I thought it was sooooo badly written.

I mean I’m serious about that, in fact I gave it one star.

It was a dumb premise, dumb plot, and I don’t know how these characters have kept their jobs/businesses as they are always going out solving crimes.

The person who ended up being the murderer was a stupid “twist'” and the reason Suzanne solved it made no sense at all.

Just a bad read all around.

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