One for the Money


One for the Money (Cat Caliban Mystery #1) by D.B. Borton

So I found this book and thought it sounded good.


After Cat Caliban’s husband died, she decided to change her life.


She became a P.I, and bought an apartment house. Everything seems great.

Lordoftherings LifeisGood

But then a dead body is found in her building.


Looks like Cat has a case!

this is going to be good


Thoughts after reading:


You guessed it, I was wrong.


Cat Caliban is the worst character I have ever read.

Hate her that's so raven

She is rude, cruel, and HATES everyone and everything.


She hates her kids, her friends, her husband, her tenants, gays, every ethnicity, EVERYTHING. Now if she was a cat, she’d be adorable.


But in this case, only her name is cat SO IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having a character that hates everybody doesn’t make you like them, it just makes you hate them back.

Hate her that's so raven

She’s also THE WORST P.I. EVER. She doesn’t know how to shoot a gun, she doesn’t know how to solve crimes, she can’t do anything!


And I just couldn’t finish this horrid book.



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